The Brief

Homelottery provides homes to winners via a lottery system. They had a system in place to enter people into the lottery via approved street vendors. This attracted very little customers as the reach was limited. Coupled with the fact that the kind of house given to the lucky winner was pretty expensive, breaking even becomes hard due to limited reach.

A new approached had to be taken to reach millions of people directly wherever they are without having to move from one spot to another.

Enters Odesys!

SEO Content Strategy

We build a thorough content strategy for Home Lottery that allowed google crawl the site and rank it quickly.


We help integrate all systems to work as work even from different locations. Data retrieved from all systems presented in one place.


increased turnout and Conversions from website sign-ups, increased revenue from transactions, increased purchases of tickets due to multiple systems.

Our Strategy

To reach out to many, we had to go to them. Get involved in their lives and be where they are. Millions have smartphones with data. Others who don’t can be reached via SMS.

We then created a working system;

  • a website with SEO – if google can’t crawl a website, it can’t be ranked. Hence we developed a website with SEO from scratch to finish, adding several functionalities for mobile phone users visiting the site that desktop users won’t see such as”hidden buttons” to play the lottery directly from the site while using a mobile phone.
  • none smartphone users had a USSD code created via which they can play using their phones. Each play came with a digital receipt and an entry code received via sms.
  • we integrated amazon web services with a local operator “MTN” to provide this service; deducting the lottery amount from the airtime of the subscribers.
  • we equally configured POS machines for those who would rather pla via vendors
  • the backend system had several layers of security with which only top-level approved executives can access via a code received as sms on their phone when they enter their username and password.
  • the backend system acted also as the main lottery system that is scheduled to run only on the approved day of the lottery.
  • the backe

The Result

A robust system that more than solved all problems Home lottery had prior to Odesys coming in. They have not had an issue since then.