The Brief

After just one meeting with the team at Blacksand Mosets, we had a clear picture of what direction the company was headed. We carefully listened and shared a few ideas as well with the team from Blacksand Mosets.

We concluded with a perfect picture of Blacksand Mosets requirements and went to work.

The needed a face. one which will properly accentuate their brand and stand them out from other maritime security companies. We helped with colours and logo and a standard eye-catching, high-perfoming, fast loading site to crown it all up.

SEO Content Strategy

The site must be crawled by google otherwise it won't rank


Appearance is key! Every image must be properly worked on and presented to scale without losing quality


Nothing beats a high performing site that loads quickly.

The Result?

After a week of working, we registered a domain and hosted the site on it on behalf of Blacksand Mosets. the web link was sent to Blacksand Mosets and the response was a “wow!”

There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation,
hard work, and learning from failure.
– Paul Tournier

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