Integration Services



The IT infrastructure of a company usually consists of many business applications and software products which perform a range of tasks, such as supporting accounting, HR, sales, production management, warehouse management etc. It is imperative that all individual software components work in tandem to produce best results.

Challenges faced by organizations when it comes to software integration;
Lack of the integration across these information systems leads to considerable expenses on data transfer and aggregation, as well as on analysis of the information required for making complex management decisions. Such inconsistencies significantly complicate the operational control of the whole company’s activities. In most cases businesses simply don’t have enough resources to implement a full and all embracing approach to the integration.

This situation evolves quickly into insufficient flexibility of the IT infrastructure. It is vital for the business to have precise and up-to-date information about the external and the internal environment, but a scattered IT landscape is a considerable obstacle in this sense. Lack of a coherent strategy towards a single information field for decision making constantly increases costs and risks of changes.

Here's How We Can help
Odesys’ Application integration service and maintenance of the integration platforms allow you to organize the work with business information of any level and to avoid data loss and inconsistency. The service includes the following elements:

  • identification of the applications which provide master data for the company;
  • identification of the data exchange model between the applications;
  • automation of data exchange among the applications, based on the principles of service-oriented architecture (SOA);
  • maintenance of the integration solution.


The Result?
After implementing an integration project you will be able to:

  • ensure the sufficient flexibility of your information system;
  • reduce costs of ownership and changes;
  • maintain a single information field for all employees;
  • increase productivity by fast data interchange, reporting quality and eliminating multiple manual data entry.
Why Choose Odesys for Software Integration?
  • minimization of risks related to availability and skills of the specialists
  • integration of business applications in organizations of various scales
  • simplified addition of new parts into integration chain;
  • avoided data duplication and inconsistency;
  • ensured control of the processes of data modification and input validation, as well as synchronizing processes control between the systems
  • simplification and acceleration of data exchange between information systems of the company;
  • increase of transparency of the business processes;
  • up-to-date business reports with higher data quality
We will equally provide various models of the operational support and maintenance of the integration solution, tailored specifically for your company. The service package that is formed considering all the risks and requirements will minimize costs of corporate internal changes, technical breakdowns etc.